CoinBlesk - a Mobile Bitcoin Payment Solution


A mobile Bitcoin payment solution. It has never been easier to accept Bitcoins!

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CoinBlesk is the new way to exchange Bitcoins

CoinBlesk is a mobile online wallet with the unique feature to exchange Bitcoins with two-way NFC. This allows new use-cases such as:

CoinBlesk can exchange Bitcoins with other CoinBlesk users in less than 1 seconds over NFC (with auto-accept). The CoinBlesk user has the possibility to instantly approve or deny a transaction.



  • Smartphone or Tablet with NFC
  • Android 4.4+
  • NFC enabled
  • Install the CoinBlesk app on your device

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Exchange/Accept Bitcoins

  • Register a new account and verify your email address
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Prepay Bitcoins into the CoinBlesk app from any Bitcoin system (including ATMs) or receive Bitcoins from another CoinBlesk user. Small transactions (< 0.5BTC) need 1 verifications (~10min), while large transactions (> 0.5BTC) need 6 verifications (~1h) until you can see them in CoinBlesk.

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Bitcoins at Mensa UZH Binzmühle

The ZVF – Unternehmen, SBEX and the Communication Systems Research Group (CSG are demonstrating how Bitcoins can be used to pay for your meal. The test run at the canteen Mensa Binzmühle will be held from the 1.9.2014 until the 12.9.2014. Come visit us!


This is a beta version and we currently focus on the Mensa UZH Binzmühle demonstration. Thus, CoinBlesk has currently the following limitations (we are working on it!):